Prostitution in the Combat Zone, Boston, MA, Naked I Cabaret (rev).

Naked Seven

English: A scantily-clad woman in a thong stuf...

Lucy_Lawless_092 (Photo credit: graphicgoo)

The Naked I Cabaret:

Naked sex,  wet

passions, searing

dervish dance maelstroms.

Pumped exotic leopard silky,

pulsing, dripping, tender skin.

Many moneyed

bulging-eyed “minutemen.”

Lawless invitations

under dirty filthy tables.

Secreted skyscrapers. Lines.

College girls

exude exotic perfumes.

Lights of neon graffitti’d walls.

Playing Peter’s piper,

beckon teasing lady Chinese fingers,

beckon after dark.

I Ching

gods throwing coins in splendid pink gutter.

Whores in daddy-masters hose,

humped, eaten, thrashed rawly.

Fish-net stockings drip

teeming teasing

bawdry tits

trapped in tall snake cages.

Fluted freaky people.

Freed in war paint, smeared mascara.

Strobe lights hang indecent, redly

promise kissy lips.

Teasing, dominant fun house smiles.

Bent-to-mirror tricks,

slapped silly,

high asses,

up in gold spiked heels.

All corralled at the

hidden, respectable

blue blood edge.

Downtown Boston Combat Zone‘s

Naked I Cabaret.

Where freedom riders

rode! horses! whipped! senseless!


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